LiteSite - Zoom Integration Usage Documentation

1. Introduction

LiteSite’s Zoom integration offers a seamless way for service providers to connect with their customers through Zoom meetings directly from our platform. This document will explain how this integration works, keeping in mind our commitment to privacy, security, and easy user interface.

2. Integration Overview

LiteSite's Zoom integration allows you to schedule, join, and manage Zoom meetings without having to leave the LiteSite platform. Whenever your Customer books an appointment using your LiteSite a Zoom meeting will be created for that appointment and linked with both your calendars

3. How It Works

3.1. Adding Zoom to an Appointment

To set an appointment to use Zoom click got to edit that appointment from your Content tab. Click Setup Zoom to initiate the Zoom integration setup.

A page explaining all the benefits of the integration will show up. Click Setup Zoom to go through Zoom authentication.

Once the setup is completed you will be redirected back to the Appointment edit screen where they can select Zoom as a platform for the meeting.

3.2. Booking an Appointment

When your customer books an appointment through LiteSite a Zoom meeting will be created in your connected Zoom account for that appointment. A link to that appoint will be sent to both of you in confirmation email as well as added as "Video Conferencing" to you calendar events for easy access when the appointment time comes about.

Of course you can also open the Zoom meeting from your LiteSite Dashboard.

3.3. Managing Meetings

If your customer or you decide to cancel the appointment through LiteSite the associated Zoom meeting will be deleted.

4. Removing LiteSite Zoom app

To remove the LiteSite Zoom application from your account log into your Zoom account and go to Zoom App marketplace (choose Advanced -> App Marketplace in the left sidebar).

Then click "Manage" in the top right corner next to your avatar.

Then go to your "Added Apps"

And remove LiteSite app

5. Privacy and Security

The privacy and security of our users are paramount. All Zoom meetings scheduled through LiteSite are protected by Zoom's built-in security measures, including meeting passwords and waiting rooms. Additionally, LiteSite does not store any sensitive Zoom data – all Zoom credentials and meeting data are handled by Zoom.

6. Conclusion

The LiteSite-Zoom integration offers a seamless, secure, and efficient way for users to connect with their customers. By bringing the power of Zoom directly into the LiteSite platform, we hope to help our users run their online businesses meetings even more effectively.

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